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JUNI 2020

#justiceforgeorgefloyd Today i feel incredibly angry and sad. What has been and is currently happening in the US touches me deeply. -- I’m so sad because this incident is just another reminder of how much hate, injustice and imposed superiority black people in the USA and other minorities all over this globe still face on a daily basis. -- I’m so sad to see how certain people are so full of fear and pain and too ignorant to deal with it in a mature way that they need to project it onto others and act it out through racist and hateful words and actions. -- I’m so sad to witness how certain people abuse their power / position to hurt and even kill innocent people. Just because they can. Probably without being held responsible for it. -- I’m so angry that we praise ourselves with our “highly advanced” democratic values when it is so obvious that justice does not have the same meaning for different people within the same society. So hypocritical! -- I’m so angry how we managed to fly to other planets, create artificial intelligence and shit like that but still haven’t figured out a way to create a society that truly supports every individual, that allows every human being to live a life in comfort and freedom and with equal chances and rights. -- I’m so angry at the so called “leaders” of this world for just not doing their jobs. You were elected to serve your people. THIS IS YOUR ONLY JOB! So fucking finally take on this responsibility! Listen to what they say and find solutions for their problems! THIS IS YOUR ONLY JOB! -- I’m annoyed when people get shocked about the demonstrations and riots. These people have all reason to be fucking angry so let them express it. Let them fight for what is rightfully theirs. I’m the last person that thinks violence is a solution to anything. BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. And it was enough a long time ago. This uprising now is more than overdue. -- I’m so devastated because I don’t know what I can do about it. How can I help to change this? Cause clearly the problem roots deep. What we see now is just the tip of the iceberg. -- I feel helpless cause social structures, political and legal systems seem to be such complex constructs that i don’t know how to approach. And although i’m sure i can have a positive impact on this world in ways that are more aligned with my nature and my talents, on days like this i keep going back to the idea to get involved into politics or to at least found or be part of some kind of alternative council to start finding solutions on issues our governments obviously fail. -- I’m longing REAL LEADERSHIP, HEART LEADERSHIP where the driving force of the engagement is not power, ego boosts, narcissism and money but true compassion, genuine interest in the wellbeing of everyone and a mature sense of responsibility and commitment to serve. -- I pray for you brothers and sisters on the streets! May your voices finally be heard and your needs finally be met.

I will not give up hope! ✊

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