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Di., 28. Mai



Moon Sister Circle

Let’s come together in loving sisterhood to be nurtured in each others presence and to connect to all the different aspects within us that make us WOMEN.

Moon Sister Circle
Moon Sister Circle

Zeit & Ort

28. Mai 2019, 19:00 – 21:00

Kasheme, Neugasse 56, 8005 Zürich, Schweiz


Über die Veranstaltung

You are the little girl, you are the nurturing mother, you are the old wise woman,

you are the queen, you are the warrior, you are the wild and sensual woman,

you are the destroyer, you are the creatrix, you are the maintainer.

And you are everything, you are the Goddess.

Let’s come together in loving sisterhood to be nurtured in each others presence, to be seen, to be heard, to share, to listen, to move, to sing, to dance, to meditate and dream our dreams together, and to connect to all the different aspects within us that make us WOMEN.

Every month we will open the space to get in touch with one or two particular aspects of our femininity. Through different practices you will gain a deeper understanding and love for yourself as an incredibly nuanced being, and you will learn how to use the magic and potency of all of those aspects that reside within you.

In this May Edition we want to dive together into the energies of the following Archetypes:


learning, curiosity, intellect, knowledge, inquisitivity, growth

))) THE ARTIST (((

creativity, bringing into form, self-expression, manifestation, imagination

>>++ L O O K F O R W A R D T O ++<<

+ Sharing Circles

+ Guided Meditations

+ Creativity Practices

+ Manifestation Rituals

+ Sounding & Sound medicine

+ Connecting Exercises

>>++ B R I N G ++<<

+ Comfy clothes

+ Water bottle

+ Journal (if you want)

+ Creative tools like pencils, pens, instruments etc. (if you have any)

>>++ E X C H A N G E ++<<

Fr. 40.- (cash or twint)

>>++ S I G N U P ++<<

Please sign up here!

If you signed up but you can’t make it in the end, please let us know asap, so maybe another sister can have your spot!!

The circle will be led in English (German translation available)

>>++ A B O U T U S ++<<

Just a few month after VANESSA started to actively dive into the spiritual adventure she was diagnosed with endometriosis, a woman’s disease that is strongly connected to the womb and the menstrual cycle. She took this event as an invitation to reevaluate not only her life style but also her own relationship with her body and her femininity. In the last five years her strong longing for mystic knowledge and ways to heal herself Vanessa set out on a journey that led her to Central America, Southeast Asia and India where she spent many months exploring and studying different practices like yoga, meditation, sound healing, ceremonial work, different healing modalities, dance, tantra and women’s work. Now Vanessa is based in Zurich and works as a massage therapist and holds monthly Sound Meditations, Sound Yoga, Cacao Ceremonies and other events. Connected to her own healing journey she feels that there is so much power and healing waiting for the collective feminine and every single woman.

ROSSANA started her inner journey after quitting a job at Google and an unfulfilling “perfect” life. While backpacking in South East Asia, she got initiated to various forms of meditation, yoga, breathwork and spiritual practices. While living in Bali and San Francisco, she experienced physical, emotional and energetic healing techniques, including Diksha from Oneness University. She then attended several courses and festivals at O&O Academy in Chennai-India, receiving invaluable teachings on how to live in a beautiful inner state and on how to flow with life. She is now living in Zurich and focusing on dance, body awareness, self love and women healing modalities. She loves long hugs and she is a passionate spiritual seeker <3

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