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So., 17. Mai


Online gathering

Moon Sister Circle - Online

Let’s come together as women in this challenging time to share our visions for a new earth!

Moon Sister Circle - Online
Moon Sister Circle - Online

Zeit & Ort

17. Mai 2020, 11:00 – 13:00

Online gathering


Über die Veranstaltung

You are the little girl, you are the nurturing mother, you are the old wise woman, 

you are the queen, you are the warrior, you are the wild woman, 

you are the destroyer, you are the creatrix, you are the maintainer.

And you are everything, you are the goddess.

Let’s come together in loving sisterhood to be nurtured in each others presence, to be seen, to be heard, to share, to listen, to move, to sing, to dance, to meditate and dream our dreams together. And to connect to all the different aspects within us that make us a WOMAN. 

Every month we open the space to get in touch with one or two particular aspects of our femininity. Through different practices you will gain a deeper understanding and love for yourself as an incredibly nuanced being and learn how to use the magic of all of these aspects that reside within you.


The archetype we want to connect with this month is  

                  ))) THE NEW EARTH CREATRIX (((

  -  staying positive in times of change - cultivating higher visions of a better future - creating a better world - birthing the new earth  

>>++ L O O K  F O R W A R D  T O ++<<  

:: Sharing circles  & discussions 

:: Reflection & journaling excersises 

:: Visualisations & meditations 

:: Singing & dancing 

:: Connecting with other women  

>>++  B R I N G  ++<<  

:: Journal / Pen & Paper 

:: Water bottle 

:: Comfy clothes  

>>++ E X C H A N G E ++<<  

Fr. 25.-   

You can pay by Paypal or credit card when you sign up here. In case you don't have Paypal or credit card we also accept Twint or bank transfer. Just send us an email on   

>>++ S I G N  U P ++<<  

Please sign up here! We will then send you the link to our web call per email on the day of the event.

If your plans change and you can't join, please let us know.  

Much Love Rossana & Vanessa


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