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MAI 2020

my blood, my pain
my fear, my seed
sink drop by drop into mothers womb.
the silver kiss of grandmother moon
brings life and joy,
love and power
eternal like a well of gold

i wrote this song back in 2015 sitting in a hostel room in jamaica, just about one year after i was diagnosed with endometriosis. finally, i was given a medical explanation for my excruciating menstrual pain. yet intuitively i knew that there was more to it. from there it took me on a journey of rediscovering the mysteries of womanhood, the moon cycle and my own beloved body. and my blood.

i'm kind of surprised about my own words in this song. this was long before i actually started considering literally letting my blood sink back to mother earth. it was only a year later when i started using a moon cup to have a more immediate access to my blood. and even once i started using it, it took me another year to really get into the practice of taking my blood to a place in nature and give it back to the earth or the water every month.

suddenly my perception of my menstrual blood started shifting from something gross to something that is highly sacred. this blood is doubtlessly immensely powerful as it is literally the place where new life starts to unfold. this uterine lining provided a fertile home for all of us to nest and grow in at the very beginning of our existence as a human being.

but it goes beyond that. feminine mystery schools and female lineages of spiritual traditions all around the globe praise (or used to praise) the menstrual blood as an elixir of pure magical and creative powers. in visions a saw priestesses of the old days drink their blood to intensify their healing powers and to use it in rituals and ceremonies to bring love and blessings over humanity.

i see how many women nowadays feel this call to reconnect to their blood as it is really such an important connection to have. i almost can't believe how we were able to lose it (i mean i know why but we don't need to go into this now). so, dear woman, this is an invitation for you to reestablish this bond to yourself and the beautiful mysteries your body carries.

i wish you a lot of joy for this exploration


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